From The Factory Floor To The Consumer

It’s your study break. You stand up, suppress a yawn, and go in search of a snack or two to calm your grumbling stomach. Your favorite brand of potato chips lies in wait in your pantry, and without a moment’s hesitation, you proceed to dig in and enjoy the satisfying crunch of each chip.

The potato chip industry is one of the largest consumer food industries in the world. Millions of kilos of potatoes are used each year to produce that distinctive shape and the even better shape. While some brands are more recognizable and more popular than others, the truth is that more often than not, the same parent company manufactures almost all of the major potato chip brands, or each company receives its ingredients, namely potatoes, from the same farms.

The processes of a potato chip factory are fascinating. Conveyor belts, cleaning tanks, and automatic waste dispensers line the length of the room, while another part of the factory feature heavy machinery for transportation to and from the site.

Many large businesses do not buy machinery at random. They have special agreements with manufacturers and renters of heavy machinery in order to receive their supplies. For such producers of machinery, 35 forklifts for sale bought all by the same farm is just another day at work. Go to this page if you are looking for forklift for sale.

Forklift service Melbourne are especially useful in the factory/manufacturing business, as it allows products already packed and ready to ship to be moved across the factory with ease and efficiency. If a small business, they may opt for rentals or used forklifts for sale. However, larger factories usually have such unique processes, that some of their machinery and equipment are custom-made for their use, and are not available for purchase by others.

The equipment used in a potato chip factory do everything from sorting the potatoes, cleaning them, cutting them to the perfect size and shape, cooking them, and adding the final flavour, to sorting it into evenly weighed out bags and sealing them for packing. Everything is mechanized and the only thing left to do is to ensure the machines run properly, and move the packed boxes at the end of each day.

Flavorings are plentiful in today’s potato chip factory. A different story lay just a few decades ago, where you would have only three or four distinctive flavours. Now, hundreds of different flavours are available. Some are available worldwide while others are sold only in certain parts of the world, and are catered to the food culture and flavours of that specific region.

So the next time you reach for your favorite study-time snack, you will truly be in awe by the great journey taken by a little potato chip.