How To Clean The Leather and Other Areas Of Your Vehicle?


If you want to clean the leather areas of your automobile, you can buy a cleaner specifically prepared to clean leather. You can spray it on the specific surfaces and leave it on for some time and wipe off. The outcome is indeed shocking, as you will find the whole lot of accumulated dirt removed. After cleaning the leather surfaces, you can use a conditioner specifically meant for leather to protect the leather and retain its suppleness. You can find a good conditioner and leather cleaner in any good automobile care store.

Cleaning the air vents

When you get your 4wd detailing in Perth, you can expect an outstanding service offered by them. However, if you think you can do this independently, go for it. The air vents should be dusted properly as the vacuum may not remove all the dust, especially from the corners. You can use a paintbrush with long bristles and spray it with a polish used for furniture and thoroughly clean the vents. Before you repeat the process, you should wipe the dirt accumulated in the paintbrush. Also, remember to clean air vents of your back seats as well.

Remove old and faded stickers and decals

There are reputed dealers offering best services such as 4wd detailing, you can give it a try once to figure out their service. Meanwhile, if you have decals or stickers stuck on your windows that are old and faded, you should remove them. Don’t simply try to remove it as it may leave adhesive stains on the glass. Instead, use a knife made of plastic and carefully scrape the sticker. If you still find some residue you can use a glue remover and scrub the entire residue away.

Clean your windows

With the help of a soft cloth, preferably use a cloth that is lint free fabric and a window cleaner, clean both interior and exterior of every window. If the windows of your vehicle have a roll down system, you should lower all windows to remove the dust stored on top. You can also use a newspaper to clean the glass windows for that sparkling shine.

Use a natural freshener

After doing all of these, you may notice some kind of smell or bad odor in your vehicle. So as a natural room freshener and spray it on carpet and upholstered areas. The freshener can be made at home with essential oils. There are many good natural fresheners that can be bought from stores too. However, go through the ingredients used for preparation before you buy it to ensure that your vehicle interiors don’t get stained. These are some of the best home solutions to clean the interiors.