Tips For General Vehicle Maintenance

Taking care of your car is necessary to keep it roadworthy and usable for a long period of time. No car ever built will run trouble free if you don’t follow the proper maintenance guidelines specified in your car’s instruction manual.

When it comes to vehicle repairs and part replacements, there are a few things you can take care of yourself, as well as those you won’t be able to do anything about without taking your car to a specialist or a general repairs centre at least. Listed below are some maintenance tips, including most part replacements that you will have to regularly attend to:

Air Filter Replacement – You should be able to locate your car’s air filter pretty easily. It is inside a large black box, which is something hard to miss once you open your car’s hood. Replacing the old air filter is something you can easily perform yourself. You only need to take apart the air filter covering to access the air filter itself. Take the old filter out and put the new one in, ensuring that it faces the same side up.

Changing Motor Oil – You will need to change your oil every 5,000 kilometres or so. This is also a rather easy job to do, but it will require the use of a jack and getting your hands a little dirty. Replacing your old oil and oil filter won’t be too hard, but you will need to use a jack to get access to your vehicle’s oil pan and drain plug. Consider taking it to a garage if you don’t have time or feel unsure about doing this job.

Cooling System Maintenance – You will need to monitor your car’s engine coolant level pretty often to avoid your car from overheating. Coolant levels will decrease naturally over time, but the process can be accelerated due to any leaks in the pipework or radiator. Take your car to a mechanic if you find coolant under your car of if the coolant levels decrease drastically after topping it up again.

Electronics – Newer models are often packed to the brim with all kinds of new electronic gadgets and systems. While they may be pretty convenient to use, they can fail at times, just like any other system in your car. Diagnosing some electrical faults is impossible without the correct tools, which is why a garage visit to a Mercedes Benz mechanic in Sydney or an equivalent specialist for your car brand is recommended.

Brake Pad Replacement – To ensure the effectiveness of your car’s braking system, you will need to change your brake pads and rotors whenever they are too worn out for further use. Changing a car’s brake pads is doable at home, but you will need some sort of skills and the proper tools to successfully perform the job. If you have been taking care of most of your vehicle’s maintenance by yourself, you can step it up further and do this job by yourself as well. Otherwise, any reputed mechanic will be able to do it without taking too much time.